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Hi, I’m Rachel—an entrepreneur, programmer and community wellness professional.

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About Rachel

As a young person, I struggled with issues relating to my autoimmune disorder and other traumas, and began a journey toward the practice of zazen meditation, mindfulness and Qigong that I learned while on an extended sesshin (a period of intensive meditation) at Zen Mountain Monastery in 2009. After completing my undergraduate degree in psychology and an externship with a nueropsychologist, I started teaching fitness and meditation, primarily to children and special populations.

In 2016, my health began to decline while working for a Fortune 100 company in New York City and I was forced to walk away from a corporate career that demanded very long hours. In many ways, this perceived setback helped me rediscover the importance of intentional movement, self-expression and mindfulness in my everyday life. I restructured my career to focus on work that serves others in a more direct way, while integrating my own needs for a healthy life balance.

Additionally, I have a passion for both creative and analytic design and have been web designing and programming for several years. In the spring of 2019, I completed a intensive year-long mentorship, learning software programming, one-on-one with industry professionals at Thinkful. I would be considered a full-stack web developer, as I have experience with both front-end and back-end project design. You can check out my dev projects and find links to code here and you can read more about my tech skills, educational background and browse my work experience here.

I am also a certified personal trainer. I work with a variety of private clients on a personal basis and teach group fitness classes for individuals with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, neurodegenerative disease and other movement disorders.

In my movement practice, I specialize in behavior change, functional mobility, HITT, balance & proprioception issues due to nuerodegeneration, and both yogic and zazen meditation. For more information on booking a session, contact me here.

My health philosophy is to be as holistic and realistic as possible. My personal goal is to consistently create energetic experiences that enhance quality of life. Together with my clients, I create solutions, experiences and products that are unique to the individual.



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