About Rachel

Rachel is a wellness professional and content writer turned software developer. She has an education in organizational psychology and a background loaded with both analytical and creative projects, centered around collaborative efforts to enhance quality of life and the human experience. 

In 2016, after working a for a large financial company, Rachel decided to restructure her life to incorporate her life-long passions for tech and wellness. She began to pursue wellness instruction and coaching full-time, while teaching herself to code the basics of web development.

In 2018, Rachel enrolled in Thinkful’s Fullstack Web Development Mentorship. During the year-long, intentsive mentorship she created several capstone projects that demonstrate her skills in both front end and back end web design. She has also created and collaborated on a few programming projects outside of Thinkful's curriculum.

She is most enthusiastic when integrating her passion for wellness and sustainability with her passion for analytical design to create solutions that help people live happier and healthier lives.