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Today, friends, we’re talking vision boards! If you like being crafty, or dreaming up the future, or thinking about things that make you happy, you’re in the right spot! 😉

Vision boards are super important when it comes to making things happen to live the life you’ve imagined! I truly believe that a vision board can be a huge catalyst  to push you toward your dreams.

What A Vision Board is Not

But first, let’s talk about what a vision board is not.

A while ago, on a podcast, I heard this guy talking about how he thinks vision boards are ridiculous. That people believe you put something on a board, and it will magically appear in your life. He was a little frustrating, honestly.

While I wish they were magical, that is a completely inaccurate view of vision boards. They are not magical, nor do I believe they are magical. They will not make things simply appear in your life without any work.

What A Vision Board Actually Does

What it does do, however, is set you up for success in these few ways.

  1. A Vision Board helps you get in the right mindset.

I try to spend a few minutes every day looking at my vision board.

I’m looking into the future that I want to have, the things I want to experience with my family and friends, my personal health goals, reading through the quotes that inspire and encourage me.

As I think about these future experiences, I get really excited for them! I allow myself to feel the excitement and gratitude for this future life.

This puts me in the right mindset to start my work. It helps me keep pushing through resistance when I know what I’m working toward.

2. A Vision Board Reminds You About What’s Important.

Like I talked about the other day, when I’m tired or feel meh, my vision board helps remind me about what’s important and how I should be prioritizing my time. 

A few weeks ago, Chris and I had a lot of work to do at our house, but also had not spent time with friends like we want to. My vision board reminded me that our friendships and relationships are a thousand times more important than housework. So, we had friends over, had a fun Friday night, and still had time to get our work done. 🙂

3. A Vision Board Is Eye Candy

I read through my life plan at least once a week to continually remind myself of who I want to be and where I’m headed. When I do, I feel encouraged and inspired.

However, words on a paper just can’t inspire me nearly as much as vivid images of the life I imagine! When I created my vision board, I made sure to include images and quotes from every part of my life plan. Because of that, it serves to encourage and inspire me to keep going!

Also, it’s super cute on the office wall! 😉

How to Make A Vision Board

Here’s how I made mine:

  1. Pull “life accounts” from your life plan, or simply write down the areas of your life that are most important to you. (i.e. God, Spouse, Kids, Health, Personal Growth, Friends, Family, Calling/Purpose, Career, Finances, Travel, Hobbies, etc.)

  2. Find pictures that remind you of fun memories with your spouse, kids, friends, etc. (memories that you would like to make more of!) and put them into a folder

  3. Find pictures on Pinterest that inspire you and make you feel excited for each “life account.” Put those images in your folder as well.

  4. Find quotes for each area of your life that inspire and encourage you.

  5. Order the pictures in your folder online or print them out!

  6. Buy a cork board, and anything you need for decorations!

  7. Put it all together, and hang it up!

  8. Look at it for a few minutes each day to stay motivated toward living the life you’ve imagined!

Do you have a vision board?? If so, post it to your Instagram with the hashtag #lifeihaveimagined and tag me in the comments, @rachelbennett! I can’t wait to see it!