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The other day we were looking through old pictures and videos of our sweet boys. They are only 7,5, and 3 but I can’t imagine them being such tiny little guys any more!

We came across this video of Micaiah reciting a bible verse he had learned at age 4 (He’s 7 now!): Joshua 1:9.

Be still my heart.

I was moved, but also convicted.

This bible verse has been really helpful for us over the past few years. Any time the boys are scared or worried, we ask them to tell us this verse and talk about how God is always with them. He never goes away!

I was convicted because that is the only bible verse that our kids have memorized. 🙁

Committing God’s words to our hearts is such an important endeavor because when life gets hard or scary or whatever it is, we need an arsenal of truth in our minds and hearts to overcome it! It’s so easy for us to speak negative words to ourselves, to get down and stay down, but God tells us over and over and over again to, “Be strong and courageous!” 

It is much easier to overcome our negative inner talk when we have God’s words to speak over it.

So, I have committed to be more purposeful about helping my boys (and myself!) memorize important truths from God, and I created these cute printable memory verse cards to help us!

They are all bible verses around the subject of courage because, well, I need more courage. Anything worth doing is scary! God meant for us to live our lives not in fear, but abundantly!

I plan to do just that. I hope y’all are with me. 😉

The cards are free! I just ask you to subscribe so I can send you more great stuff, and so we can become friends! 😉