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As the end of the school year is approaching, I have started to feel really anxious about the summer. I love my boys, and am super excited about doing fun things with them! But, I’m also a little nervous about having ALL of them ALL day long. Together.

And so, I have set out to create a plan to be intentional with them this summer. I want to have fun with them and not be stressed out about all the things I “should” be doing. I want to go swimming and exploring, to the dollar movies and the park. Part of that means taking a break from this blog.

So, today is the last time you’ll hear from me until school starts back in August! 🙂 I hope that y’all will  be intentional about your summer break too! Make some plans, and have fun!!!

You can check out our summer bucket list in the image below, and download the PDF to create your own! 😉


Click here to download the Intentional Summer Bucket List sheet & the Summer 2016 Calendar!!! 

Good luck, friends! Let’s keep in touch on Insta and Facebook!

See you in August! 😉