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Being a “Bad Mom” makes me a better mom.

While there are some inappropriate instances in that movie, I swear it has become my mantra. “Just say no. Be a bad mom. It’s okay.”

Here’s what I mean: when life gets totally overwhelming, say no. To everything.

If you wondered why I fell off the face of the Earth, here it is: Spring is completely overwhelming for me. Well, not just spring. January through May. :/

Mondays right now are insane. We have two hours of soccer, somehow eat dinner, and get two boys’ homework done. We do baths, PJs, brush teeth, bedtime stories, prayers, and have kids in bed by 8:30.

Last night we skipped it. All of it.

They played in the backyard, had frozen fish sticks and tater tots for dinner, took baths (because, boys) and went to bed. They did get prayed over because I love them, and they asked so sweetly, but the rest of it? No.

Do I feel guilty? No. Nope. Not one tiny bit. 

I am only one person. I can do the best I can, and nothing more. And that’s okay. (My husband reminds me of this too, because I swear y’all if I died tragically, homework and folded laundry would never get done in the Bennett house.)

What I noticed about myself is this: when I feel overwhelmed, and just keep pushing, forcing it, and doing things that I have no energy for, I am miserable and so is everyone around me. I start yelling and huffing, and feeling totally frustrated about MY. ENTIRE. LIFE.

Last night, there was no yelling. It was peaceful and calm, and a sweet night. I still ended the day exhausted, but not with regret.

So, Mama, I’m saying the same to you: You are only one person. Do the best you can, and it’s enough.

Even if you never got out of your PJs. Even if you literally did nothing except KEEP. PEOPLE. ALIVE. That is more than enough! And, I think you’re awesome. 

If you do struggle with feeling guilty, read Jen Hatmaker’s “Worst End of School Year Mom Ever” post. You’ll laugh till you cry, and feel totally better! 😉

I swear I will be around more when summer gets here, but until then… you probably won’t see much of me because, sanity. 😉

What are you saying NO to?