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Last weekend, Chris and I planned to tile our hallway on Friday night. If you didn’t see my Instagram post a while back, the boys flooded our half bath, which led to the decision to tile our entire downstairs! (It’s a huge project!)

So far, we had done the office, and were ready to get the hallway finished. (We still have the living room, kitchen, pantry, and dining! Ugh.)

As I was getting some housework done on Friday afternoon, though, I had this really strong pull to spend the evening relaxing, hanging out with friends, and just enjoying ourselves. The week is soooo long, and we work hard!

Also, I was reminded of my life plan. (With a little nudge from my vision board!) One of the commitments I made was to spend more time with friends and be intentional about inviting people over. We have some really great people in our life. I want to make sure that I cherish those relationships, and contribute positively to their lives!


So, with a messy house and nothing planned in advance, we texted some friends and invited them over!

I literally only had time to pick up downstairs, clean the bathroom, and run to the grocery store for some food! By the time I got back, some of them were already there! Our kids’ rooms were messy, as was ours, the floors weren’t mopped, the rug wasn’t vacuumed. No one cared.

We had a really great time! It was so nice to watch our kids play with friends, and to spend time having fun with ours too! We had delicious tacos. We built a campfire. Made s’mores. Talked and laughed.

For the rest of the weekend, we still had time to take the kids garage-saling for treasures (We both did that as kids, and it’s really fun to give them each $2 and see the awesome treasures they find! They got some cool stuff!), finished the hallway, and drove to San Antonio Sunday afternoon to spend some time with some of our best friends who were on a mini-family vacation!

All in all, not only were we able to spend some time relaxing and building our relationships, but we were ALSO rejuvenated to get our work done too!

Here’s the big picture:

  1. When you have the urge to invite people over, DO IT! 
  2. It’s okay if your house is messy. Real friends don’t care!
  3. When you spend time relaxing and having fun, it rejuvenates you to get your work done!
  4. Friends are way more fun than Netflix!
  5. Always think both!
  6. Cherish the people God has put in your life. 

The weekend is going to be here again before we know it! I hope y’all are going to have some fun! 😉