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I recently read a blog post by MooreLittleLou where she talked about how we have so much to learn from our little ones about friendship by watching them play and cheer each other on.

We love when other people cheer us on. It makes us feel unstoppable, and loved! However, like Lou said, “Too often comparison and jealousy can stop me being that kind of cheerleader for others.”

That’s so true. Comparison and jealousy. Ugh.

They stem from a lack of gratitude in our lives. When I practice gratitude daily, when I look around and find the things in life that make me joyful and grateful, I speak and act out of love, out of compassion, out of a sense that I am enough and what I have is enough.

When I’m not practicing gratitude, it is easy to feel like I don’t have enough, like problems abound, like I wish life was just different. And, in that state, it is almost impossible to be the kind of friend we all want to have!

It’s almost impossible to feel truly excited for your friend who just got a new job, or your friend who sold their house and is building their dream home, or your friend who is going on an amazing vacation!

In that place, it will also be almost impossible to hold on to those relationships. Nobody wants to be around a negative person, and even if you think you are hiding it well, you’re not.

When we come from a place of gratitude, our mindset is completely shifted from lack to abundance, from worry to peace, from discontentment to fulfillment. And in that place, we can be the best kind of cheerleader for our friends and family. We can truly feel excited and celebrate with our friends! We can put the focus on them and this amazing experience in their life! We can praise God for His goodness and blessing on our friends.

Here’s a few ways you can start cultivating more gratitude in your life:

  1. Start every day by writing down 3-5 things you are grateful for! Don’t write down what you should be grateful for, but what truly brings you joy TODAY.
  2. Recognize when you are thinking negatively, and state something you appreciate about that person or thing. (Example: I’m super annoyed that my friend is always late and I’m stuck waiting on her. Stop that thought! Instead think: I’m so grateful that I have this awesome friend who is coming to spend time with me! Not every one has friends that they get to spend quality time with, and I love that my friend is so (wise, joyful, fun, etc.)) 
  3. Give at least one genuine compliment every day. Whether you are simply complementing God’s creation (What a beautiful sunrise!) or another person (You are so awesome at creating these graphics! Thanks for doing that!) find something to point out and say it aloud to some one else. Gratitude is contagious!
  4. Vow to not complain, criticize, or gossip for 10 days! Notice how much better you feel when you aren’t spending all that energy on negative thoughts and actions!

As for me, I’m super grateful for YOU! Thank you for being here! 🙂

Go ahead and get started right now! Let me know what you are grateful for right now in the comments below!