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Does any one else get worried at the start of Summer that your kids are going to forget EVERYTHING and barely know how to read when August gets here?!

At the end of the school year, I start to feel the pressure of helping them keep up with math and reading, at the very least. I appreciate my kids’ teachers SO MUCH MORE because they teach them how to read and do math. My oldest started learning multiplication this year! I have no idea how you teach that.

And, let’s be honest, when they start stressing me out, it’s so much easier to say, “Sure, go watch Minecraft videos on youtube…” :/

Anyway, checklists tend to make me feel better, keep me accountable for their time, and my kids love them because they totally feel accomplished once they have checked everything off the list! Yep, they’re my kids for sure.

No doubt you’ve seen versions of this all around the internet, some call it the “Summer Rules.” I’m not crazy about that because it seems negative. So, here’s our “Summer Checklist!” You can download it for free below!

Here are 5 Basics for your kids’ summer checklists:

1. Hygiene

As a #boymom, this is necessity. It just is.

2. Education

As I said above, the big push behind our summer checklists is to ensure my kids’ aren’t forgetting everything their sweet teachers worked so hard to give them over the last 10 months! So, education is super important.

We include 20 minutes each of Reading, Writing &/or Coloring, Math, and Spanish (my boys are in a dual language program at school.) For Elijah, who is 4, we included 30 minutes of reading (I read to him) and 30 minutes of coloring.

I do sometimes let them use educational apps for this time. Here’s a few of our favorites:


Storybots – Has all kinds of videos about the letters, numbers, space, classic songs, etc. I use this when I teach Mother’s Day Out during the school year!

Kindergarten (just finished):

Moose Math & Pet Bingo – Both are math apps, he seems to like them!

2nd Grade: (just finished):

Duolingo – Spanish learning, this is great for our 2nd grader! Too advanced for our Kinder…


3. Family values

I put in some things that align with our family’s core values: help some one in the family, be creative, go outside!

I want them to be adventurous, creative, and compassionate and these little marks help make sure they are doing that at least once a day.

4. Spiritual Rhythms

You may consider whether or not you want to include Spiritual Rhythms on your Summer checklist!

I choose not to put our spiritual rhythms on lists like this because it feels like such a fine line toward legalism. We do have rhythms in place to point them toward Jesus, but I really want that aspect of our life to flow like a normal relationship, and not be a checkmark on a list.

For some, checking it off works great! For us, I know my own tendencies to treat God like a to-do list, and I imagine at least one of my kids will have the same struggle.  So, if you’re wondering, that’s why Jesus stuff isn’t on our to-do list.

5. Reward

For my boys, their electronic time is precious to them; they love watching Minecraft videos on youtube! Each days’ reward is different in our house.

Typically, we give them 15 minutes of electronic time during the school year. So, I up it a little to 25 minutes during the summer. However, if they have been working especially hard or playing especially well together, I’ll give them 45 minutes as a super special treat!

6. Get Past the First Week

I can tell you, the first week of implementing anything new is the hardest! It will be tough and require some extra work on your part, especially if your kids are used to getting large amounts of electronic time!

However, after the first week, if you’ve stuck to your guns, they should get used to the new system and feel excited about all of the things they are accomplishing every single day!

What would you add to your summer checklist??

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